NoNamaJudul ArtikelKategori ScopusTahun
1Niken Agus TianingrumThe Effect Of Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Toward Relapse Prevention Among Prisoners-2019
2Lia KurniasariEarly marriage in adolescent opinion Q42019
3SyamsirDevelopment of Water Quality Index of Island Wells in Makassar CityQ42019
4Kresna FebriyantoAssessing Noise-Exposure and Daily Habits Can Cause Hearing Loss among Ladies Club at NightclubQ42019
5Indah HairunisaValidated UV-Vis Spectrophotometric determination of andrographolide in herbal nano-preparationQ42019
6Deasy Nur Chairin HanifaImpact of Home Pharmacy Care on Adherence of Chronic Renal Failure Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis in a Hospital in IndonesiaQ42019
7Tri Budi JuliantiCost and effectiveness of hypertension treatment on regency hospital in IndonesiaQ42019
8Vita PramaningsihSpatial distribution of fecal coliform pollution in karang mumus river, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Q42019
9Lia KurniasariEarly detection of speech delay and family factorsQ32019
10Purwo Setiyo NugrohoPredictor Risk of Diabetes Mellitus in Indonesia, based on National Health Survey Q42020
11Kresna FebriyantoOccupational noise-exposure and assessing hearing loss of nightclub workers in Tarakan city, Indonesia Q42019
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13Ferry Fadzlul RahmanAnalysis of Sexual Risk Among Homosexual in Samarinda-2020
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15Ferry Fadzlul RahmanThe influence of physical distance to student anxiety on COVID-19, Indonesia-2020
16Reni SuhelmiThe risk of nutrient intake and helminthiasis to experience underweighted among elementary school stQ32020
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20Rini ErnawatiThe Effectiveness of Qur’an Recitation Therapy and Aromatherapy on Cancer Patients’ Stress Level in Abdul Wahab Sjahranie Hospital Samarinda, Indonesia -2020
21Sri SunartiPreventing Fraud and Deficit Through The Optimization of Health Insurance In IndonesiaQ22020
22Purwo Setiyo NugrohoObesity and Its Risk Factors Among Adolescent in IndonesiaQ32020
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26Hasyrul HamzahA Review: Activity Study of Itchy Leaves (Laportea decumana Roxb Wadd) as a Medicinal PlantQ22020
27Hasyrul HamzahEffervescent Tablet Formulation and Physical Evaluation of Gong-Gong Shell Waste (Strombus turturella)Q22020
28Hasyrul HamzahThe biofilm inhibition and eradication activity of curcumin againts polymicrobial biofilm-2020
29Enok SureskiartiThe Performance Of Nurses To Improve The Responsibilty Quality Of Nursing Services.-2020
30 Sri Sunarti Artifical intelligence health care : Oppurtunities and risk for futureQ32021
31 Sri Sunarti The Correlation between Youtube (eat and food content) and Students' Obesity at Universitas Muhammadiyah Kalimantan Timur-2021
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33Lia KurniasariKnowledge, Attitudes, And Practices Of Using Masks By The Community During The Covid-19 Pandemic In Indonesia-2020
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37Ferry Fadzlul RahmanAndroid Application Model Of "What"s Dating Violence" as an Innovation to Increase the Knowledge among Adolescent-2020
38Ferry Fadzlul RahmanVideo Education About Spiritual Needs for Attached Medical Devices Patients Q32020
39Ferry Fadzlul RahmanSleep Disorder and its Psychological Impact on Retired Elders: A Systematic ReviewQ32020
40Kresna FebriyantoThe Contribution of Human Error Related to Occupational Accident among Traditional DriverQ32021
41Vita PramaningsihWater Quality Analysis of Benanga Reservoir in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, IndonesiaQ22021