NoNama Judul Artikel
1Tianingrum Niken Agus, Feriani Pipit, Susanti Erni Wingki, Purdani Kartika Setia, Winarti Yuliani, Safrudin BachtiarThe Effect Of Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Toward Relapse Prevention Among Prisoners
2Kurniasari Lia, Amalia Nida, Putera Noor Azizah Yuda, Oktaviani Lisa Wahidatul, Suprayitno.Early marriage in adolescent opinion
3SyamsirDevelopment of Water Quality Index of Island Wells in Makassar City
4Kresna Febriyanto Assessing Noise-Exposure and Daily
Habits Can Cause Hearing Loss
among Ladies Club at Nightclub
5Dzul RahmanApplication of Fuzzy Multi Tributes
of Decision (Madm) in Supporting Decision
to Determine Best Graduate
6BinyaminDesign of Outer Hood Panel of Local
Compact Suv to Achieve Better Pedestrian
Safety using Finite Element Modeling
7Sigiet Haryo Pranoto Design and finite element analysis
of micro punch CNC machine modeling
for medical devices
8Asslia johar latipah

Classification of butterfly species based on venasi using support vector machine
9Dzul Rahman

Mobile Instant Messaging And Its Potential To Reduce Anxiety In English As A Foreign Language Speaking Class
10Khusnul khatimah,Yeni rahmawati,Dzul rachman,Rani herning puspita

The usage of online dictionary and translation among student in university
11Abdul halim,Asslia johar latipah
The Evaluation Of Web-Based English Language Media For Nursing Students
13Isnaini Zulkarnain, Rusandi noor
Evaluation of the suitability of the implementation of the project in contract quality plan
14Muhammad Noor Asnan
Utilization Of Styrofoam-Matrix For Coarse Aggregate To Produce Lightweight Concrete
15Indah Hairunisa

Validated UV-Vis Spectrophotometric determination of andrographolide in herbal nano-preparation
16Deasy Nur Chairin Hanifa, Nanang Munif Yasin and Susi Ari KristinaImpact of Home Pharmacy Care on Adherence of Chronic Renal Failure Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis in a Hospital in Indonesia
17Tri Budi Julianti, Gunawan Pamudji and Rina HerowatiCost and Effectiveness OF Hypertension Treatment on Regency Hospital in Indonesia
18Vita PramaningsihSpatial Distribution of Fecal Coliform Poluttion in Karang mumus river,Samarinda,east Kalimantan,Indonesia
19Sunarti,Khusnul Khatimah, Dzul Rachman The relationship between TOEFL Anxiety And TOEFL Performanace Among EFL Learners
20Rani Hening Puspita, Mohamad Dziqie Aulia Al Faruqi, SunartiCritical Discourse Analysis of Vladimir Putin's Speech Related to Arm Race with the United States in 2018
21Gilang Mukti Rukmana. Dzul Rachman, Ahmad Harakan ,Farida Tadjine Najeri Al SyahrinSister City Bottom Up Collaborative Model Plan As Major Flooding Mitigation In Samarinda
22Sunarti, Rani Herning PuspitaThe Use of Contextual Teaching and Learning to Teach Reading Comprehension Viewed from Students’ Locus of Control
23Rofilde Hasudungan, Dwi M Pangestuty, Asslia Johar latifah, RudimanSolving Minimum Vertex Cover Problem Using DNA Computing
24Lia KurniasariEarly detection of speech delay and family factors
25Purwo Setiyo NugrohoPredictor Risk of Diabetes Mellitus in Indonesia, based on National Health Survey
26Kresna Febriyanto Occupational noise-exposure and assessing hearing loss of nightclub workers in Tarakan city, Indonesia