NoNamaJudul ArtikelKategori ScopusTahun
1BinyaminDesign of Outer Hood Panel of Local
Compact Suv to Achieve Better Pedestrian
Safety using Finite Element Modeling
2Sigiet Haryo Pranoto Design and finite element analysis
of micro punch CNC machine modeling
for medical devices
3Asslia johar latipah Classification of butterfly species based on venasi using support vector machine-2019
4Isnaini Zulkarnain, Rusandi noorEvaluation of the suitability of the implementation of the project in contract quality plan-2019
5Muhammad Noor AsnanUtilization Of Styrofoam-Matrix For Coarse Aggregate To Produce Lightweight Concrete-2019
6Rofilde Hasudungan, Dwi M Pangestuty, Asslia Johar latifah, RudimanSolving Minimum Vertex Cover Problem Using DNA ComputingQ42019
7Wawan Joko PranotoCrowdsourcing in developing repository of phrase definition in Bahasa IndonesiaQ32019
8Fitriyati AgustinaGarbage Transport System In The Final Shelter City Of Samarinda With Hauled Container System (HCS)Q42020
9Hery Tri Waloyo A Novel Approach on the Unipolar Axial Type Eddy Current Brake Model Considering the Skin EffectQ12020
10Hery Tri Waloyo Energy Effectiveness of Advanced Vehicle for Urban Transportation-2019
11Hery Tri Waloyo Characterization of Pole Location on Unipolar Axial Eddy Current Brake-2019